हमारे गाँव कि रहस्यमय गुफा - Mysterious Cave Of Our Village

Visiting Mysterious Cave Of Our Village
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    If anyone wants to look past the BS, here is some explanation for the cave. It is very unlikely that the cave was built by humans, and that it leads to another shrine on the other end. If it is in fact human made structure, it was probably dug to mine minerals. The cave was possibly created when limestone or other rock was over time dissolved by water. We are talking centuries, not years. This could also have formed by stress on the rocks. Rocks, even mountain tend to move around (Himalayas for example), while moving, the rocks could have created cracks and crevices, sometimes these are big. There is water seen there because rainwater percolating from above probably gets stored there. Because evaporation is very slow, the water tends to get collected. Edit: On watching the structures carefully, it does look more and more like an abandoned mine. These are called rat hole mines, and were dug with crude methods unlike the modern mines of today.

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